Liesbeth Luijendijk, director AgroFood & Environment

Liesbeth Luijendijk

What if.. we can use technology to move towards a sustainable, circular, fair and transparent food system with less waste and more efficient use of raw materials?

Liesbeth Luijendijk is director AgroFood & Environment at OnePlanet and represents Wageningen University & Research in the management team of OnePlanet.

What if…we can improve the wellbeing of people and other living organisms on our planet, by providing the needed information to improve their lives?

Richard van Wezel represents Raboud University and Radboud University Medical Center in the management team of OnePlanet.


Chris van Hoof is the general manager of OnePlanet Research Center. Together with Thea van Kemenade(RU/umc) and Liesbeth Luijendijk(WUR) he forms the management team of OnePlanet.

Chris is responsible for the R&D direction and business strategy of R&D teams across 4 imec locations (Wageningen (The Netherlands), Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Leuven (Belgium) and Gent (Belgium)). Track record of 20+ years of initiating, executing and leading national and international contract R&D with worldwide customers.

“I believe preventive health, personalised nutrition, sustainable food production and reduced waste are essential enablers of improving our world for the generations to come. And I think technology (hardware and AI) are key tools to make that happen.”

Chris van Hoof OnePlanet