Executive report Five years: Innovations with global impact

Executive report Five years: Innovations with global impact

A society where everyone can live healthy lives and have access to healthy and sustainably produced food, that is what OnePlanet is striving for.

OnePlanet is an innovation center for nano- and digital technology in agriculture, food, health and the environment. It is a collaboration between microchip research center imec, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University (RU) and Radboudumc. Together, these four founding partners contribute all the necessary knowledge and expertise.

At the intersection of agriculture, nutrition, health, environment and high-tech, they develop OnePlanet develops groundbreaking innovations. These innovations contribute to solving major societal challenges, such as the nitrogen crisis, climate change and the pressure on healthcare. OnePlanet therefore combines domain expertise with expertise in sensors, sensor connectivity and data science/artificial intelligence into application innovations. From developing innovations to marketing them, OnePlanet works on the entire spectrum. At every stage of it, it works closely with companies, from the Gelderland SMEs to national and international industrial partners. Through the OpenEducation program she also makes her knowledge and technology accessible to students in secondary and higher education.

Read the complete report (in dutch):

OnePlanet Executive Report


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