Our future starts with you | Wim Yedema

Our future starts with you

Wim Ydema

Technical Lead Cloud Platform

We are proud to share with you two testimonials of people who work at imec at OnePlanet Research Centre in the Netherlands

Wim explaining drawing on a whiteboard

This is the second one.

Meet Wim Yedema, Technical Lead Cloud Platform at imec at OnePlanet. He is working on the OpenPlanet project. This is an initiative to facilitate researchers and analysts find data for their research and develop new algorithms.

In this video he talks about how he wants to make a change. “At imec so many things are going on, that you can always contribute one way or another to have a societal impact.”

Watch Wim’s story here:

imec at OnePlanet Research Center Wageningen – Testimonial Wim Yedema