5-Year Event OnePlanet Research Center

5-Year Event OnePlanet Research Center


We cordially invite you to the 5-year event of OnePlanet Research Center. For the past 5 years, we have been working on the future of Agri, Food and Health. Since the start in 2019, we have grown considerably in size, we have offices in Wageningen and Nijmegen, our facilities have been expanded with a new lab, we have many great research developments in our innovation programs, the OpenEducation program is flourishing and we work together with SMEs in the region. We look forward to celebrating this milestone together with our founders, stakeholders and collaboration partners.

In a dynamic afternoon, we look back on the results, give demonstrations of developed products and look ahead to a bright future.  

Language: Dutch

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Location: Industriepark Kleefse Waard, Gebrouw KB, Westervoortsedijk 73, Arnhem

Chairman: Irene Rompa

12.00 Reception and walking lunch

13.00 hrs Plenary opening programme

During this part of the program, chairman Irene Rompa takes us through 5 years of OnePlanet Research Center.

  • Researchers Esther Kho, Aniek EvenSantiago Gaitan and Joris van Nieuwstadt explain various innovations.
  • Christianne van der Wal, Minister for Nature and Nitrogen, and Helga Witjes, Deputy of the Province of Gelderland, will discuss 5 years of OnePlanet Research Center and the impact that is being made here.
  • The Management team of OnePlanet, Chris Van Hoof, Liesbeth Luijendijk and Richard van Wezel looks back and looks ahead.

14.00 hrs Break and visit of the demo market.

On the market, researchers will present a total of 12 demos that OnePlanet Research Center has developed over the past period.

2:15 p.m. First round of parallel sessions:

Session Health

We are getting older, but not all of us are aging healthily. Within the Health & Nutrition domain, work is being done on smart technology that enables early detection and home monitoring of illness and health. Smart models are used to provide personal feedback and suggestions for (lifestyle) interventions.
In the health breakout session, we will give an overview of the innovations, studies and collaborations in the region over the past 5 years. We give concrete examples of innovations that are being worked on, such as the smart sensor pill or the snack box, and we give a glimpse into the future.

Session Agri/Food

During this session, we will explain our vision of the food production of the future. We show how the most important results of five years of research contribute to this vision. We show the available applications of new digital technology and artificial intelligence. These applications contribute to sustainable agricultural systems and the production of healthy food.

15.00 hrs Break and visit of the demo market

15.30 Second round of parallel sessions

Session Environment

During this session, we will take the participants through our vision of what sensor technology can mean in the field of environmental measurements, with a focus on measuring nitrogen components. We show how we, as OnePlanet, work together with knowledge institutions and industry and what concrete insights this has already led to. We also give you a sneak peek, where does the future lie for sensor technology and specifically for measuring and monitoring the environment?

Open Education Session

During the session, the importance of digital issues in education, the collaboration between education and the professional field and between students of different study types and programmes will become clear. All this on the basis of great practical examples. And of course there is also plenty of room to start the conversation.

16.15 hrs Break

16.30 Plenary closing

17.00 hrs Closing networking drinks

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