Innovations for Behavior and Health in Gelderland (INGE3)

A real-life digital measurement and monitoring platform for the (mental) well-being of citizens and special risk groups. That’s what Noldus, Ivido and OnePlanet Research Center will develop in this EFRO funded project.

Physiological measurements, like heart rate and heart rate variability, can provide insights in peoples (mental) health. These insights allow us to do early risk assessments and lifestyle and behavioral interventions. Nowadays, these measurements are mostly performed in lab environments with dedicated tools. Data from real life environments are more relevant, but current health monitoring wearables can only provide a limited amount of information. Therefore, Noldus, Ivido and OnePlanet will further develop the Chill+, a (mental) health monitoring wearable, and perform these real-life digital measurements.

Towards prevention

Also, the research team will build a software platform for analysis of both raw and processed physiological data. Ultimately, a personalized health dashboard will be developed for visualization of the data from the Chillband+. This platform provides insight in risk factors, efficiency of behavioral interventions and optimization of mental health and well-being. Data from the platform will become available for patients, healthy people, health care professionals and researchers. Taken together this should aid the healthcare transition towards remote healthcare and personal preventive health.

This innovation is funded by EFRO: European Fund for Regional Development in the European Union.

Man With Wearable