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OnePlanet Research Center Introduces OpenPlanet; An accessible digital environment for entrepreneurs and organizations in health, agriculture and food.

OpenPlanet is an accessible digital ecosystem for entrepreneurs and organizations in health, sustainable agriculture and food. It is a secure data & application environment in which data is collected, analyzed and shared. OpenPlanet aims to provide an answer to the current fragmentation of solutions and the lack of knowledge to effectively convert data into insights and digital services. OpenPlanet offers users the opportunity to share and enrich relevant data for end-user applications across application domains. it also provides an environment for developing advanced algorithms and models.

Imagine if there was one open, secure data & application environment for companies and organizations working in the fields of sustainable agriculture, food and health?

The platform consists of applications for data collection (sensors, apps, links with various data sources), data connectivity (sensor network, digital infrastructure), data storage and analysis (AI, digital twins), a marketplace for algorithms and applications for action perspective, support and feedback to end-users (apps, dashboards). For example, data from wearables can be shared live between doctor and patient, or data from sensors can be used to optimize real-time processes in agriculture.

OpenPlanet is a collaborative project of OnePlanet Research Center, Orikami, IVIDO, JoinData, and SIDN. OpenPlanet has received a REACT-EU contribution from East Netherlands. With this, Europe is investing in the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland in a rapid economic recovery after COVID-19.

This is a contribution that is in line with the priorities of the province of Gelderland: “The build-up of the data ecosystem and associated activities are aimed at green, digital and resilient recovery of the economy through economic structure strengthening through targeted investments in facilities and valorization activities that aim to give SMEs the opportunity to develop new ideas and products. test, develop and scale up in an accessible way’. – Province of Gelderland

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Jacob Beeuwkes, Program manager OpenPlanet Program – OnePlanet Research Center 


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