Five-Year Milestone: Insights and Innovations Unveiled

5 Year Event

On April 3rd, we had the distinct pleasure of celebrating our 5-year milestone, an event marked by the presence of esteemed guests and a reflection on our journey of innovation and collaboration. We were honored to have Minister of Nature and Nitrogen, Christianne van der Wal, alongside Deputy of the Province of Gelderland, Helga Witjes, grace our celebration. The event also featured insightful contributions from our dedicated researchers Esther Kho, Aniek Even, Joris van Nieuwstadt, and Santiago G., as well as the strategic guidance of our management team members Chris Van Hoof, Liesbeth Luijendijk, and Richard van Wezel.

This significant anniversary was commemorated with a series of parallel sessions that spanned the core areas of our work: Health and Agri/Food, each led by experts within these fields. Esther Kho, during the Health session, shed light on the innovative Smart Bathroom project, aiming to revolutionize early disease detection through advanced sensor technology. This session also highlighted groundbreaking health innovations by researchers Alex van Kraaij, Aniek Even, and Annelies Goris.

Simultaneously, the Agri/Food session, under the expert moderation of Irene Rompa, offered an in-depth look at the latest developments in this sector, with contributions from Renske Landeweert, Bas Boom, Lex Oosterveld, and Marta Batista de Sá.

The second round of parallel sessions expanded our discourse to Environment Sensing and Open Education, areas vital to our commitment to sustainability and learning. Irene Rompa led a vibrant discussion on Environmental Sensing with insights from Remco Suer, Evert van den Akker of TNO, and Alfred Geitenbeek of Royal Eijkelkamp. Meanwhile, the Open Education session, moderated by Tijn Gerrits of WZW, Werkgeversvereniging Zorg en Welzijn, and featuring Karien Vermeulen, looked back on five years of enriching educational initiatives.

As we reflect on these profound discussions and the path we’ve journeyed together, we are filled with gratitude towards our collaborators, researchers, and the broader community that supports us.  We will continue to explore and innovate for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Here are some photos of this important day:



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