The Aphrodite Study: Snack for Science!

Aphrodite Study

The Aphrodite Study: Snack for Science!

Updated November 24, 2022

Please note: This study is completed. You can no longer register to participate.

Daily eating behaviours affect your health. To better understand what motivates people to eat, we developed a new dietary tracking device. This device automatically measures what, when and how much food is eaten. In the Aphrodite study we would like to test this new device. To do so, we are looking for people who like to help us by snacking for science.

Taking part, what can you expect?

Taking part will take approximately 4 hours of your time. Once you agree to take part, we will schedule a 1-hour intake session, in which you will get all information about the study and the devices, fill out several questionnaires, and receive the ‘study materials’: three types of snacks, and two types of drinks.

During the study, you can eat snacks and drinks form the device only (you are free to drink water, unsweetened tea and coffee though) for five working days in a two week period. Of course, you can eat your three regular meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Throughout the day you will receive short questionnaires about your mood, you will wear two smartwatches, and you will keep track of your dietary intake and physical activity. All this will take 5x 30 minutes per day.

At the end of the study, we will schedule a 30-minute session to return the device and any leftover ‘study materials’ and to fill out a final questionnaire.

Why join?

You will be contributing to science, get free snacks and drinks and receive a voucher of 40€ at the end of the study period.

Who can join?*

You can join if:

  • You are between 18-49 years old
  • You have a desk job for at least 3 days a week
  • You are not on a diet

*Please read our subject information sheet or get in contact with us to find the full list of inclusion criteria.

More information?

Contact us or read the subject information: Subject Information Sheet.pdf

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