The Aphrodite Study: Snack for Science!

Aphrodite Study

The Aphrodite Study: Snack for Science!

Snacks and caloric drinks can make up 20 to 50 percent of our daily calorie intake. Helping people adopt healthy snacking habits could be crucial for improving their health by reducing their overall calorie intake. However, previous interventions on snacking behavior were mainly conducted in controlled settings or through self-reporting, which may not accurately reflect real-life behavior. This study aims to measure the effect of a just-in-time-adaptive-intervention (JITAI) on snacking behavior in daily life, using a tool called the SnackBox.

What to expect when taking part?

Participation will take approximately five to six hours over a two week period and will consist of a pre-screening questionnaire, an intake session, 10 measurement days and a hand-over session. On those measurement days, you will be asked to bring the SnackBox with you and eat all your snacks and drinks in between regular meals from the SnackBox. You will receive short questionnaires throughout the measurement days to assess your mood and what you’ve been eating at meal times. In the second week, you may receive feedback on your snacking behavior through messages on your phone. You are also asked to wear a Garmin activity tracker for the entire study period.

Why join?

By participating in this study, you will be contributing to science while also receiving free snacks and drinks. Additionally, at the end of the study period, you will receive a voucher worth 55€.

Who can join?

You are eligible to join if you are:

  • between 18-49 years old;
  • able to bring the SnackBox to your workplace (it is the size of a small shoebox and needs to be connected to a power plug, a power strip can be supplied if required);
  • not on a strict diet;
  • Please read our subject information sheet or get in contact with us to find the full list of inclusion criteria.

Want more information?

Please contact us at or read the subject information sheet: Subject Information Sheet ENG

Updated April 21, 2023

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