OnePlanet opens ICAI Lab ‘AI for Precision Health, Nutrition and Behaviour’

Together with research partners Radboud University, Radboudumc and Wageningen University & Research, OnePlanet Research Center opens the new ICAI Lab. Using artificial intelligence (AI), they want to improve personalized lifestyle feedback and stimulate healthy behaviour. For example, by developing smart chatbots that motivate people to eat healthier or quit smoking.

The effect of lifestyle changes varies greatly from person to person. It depends on someone’s genetics, eating pattern, activity and the environment in which they live. By combining data on these factors, a deeper insight into the effects of lifestyle feedback is created.

From sensors to coaching

The research team is focusing on three tracks. They develop new sensors to be able to collect more and better health data. Besides that, they also develop smart AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to be able to extract more knowledge, and therefore value, from these data. With this enriched knowledge, lifestyle feedback can be further personalized. This helps in coaching people towards healthier behaviour.

The team focuses mainly on applications in diet coaching, prevention of cognitive decline, prevention of orthostatic hypotension and health-promoting chatbots for smoking addiction and sexual health.

Multidisciplinary approach

These efforts require a multidisciplinary approach. Lab Manager Ruud van Stiphout: “The academic partners will bring domain knowledge and AI expertise to the table, while the industrial partners provide the use cases and innovations that create societal impact. By combining these different disciplines, we can address lifestyle challenges integrally. This ensures optimal impact.”

The research team

The ICAI Lab consists of 7 PhD students and 2 postdocs working on these challenging AI issues. The lab itself is coordinated by Guido Camps (Wageningen University & Research) and Tibor Bosse (Radboud University), the two scientific directors, Ruud van Stiphout (OnePlanet) operates as lab manager and Elena Marchiori and Ton Coolen (Radboud University) coordinate the work packages.


This ICAI Lab is one of 23 ICAI Labs. ICAI is a national network focused on technology and talent development between knowledge institutions, industry, and government in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Normally, the labs exist for five years.

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