OnePlanet Research Center at INNOVATE Experience

The latest innovations were on display at the INNOVATE Experience 2023, and OnePlanet was there. Three innovative projects of OnePlanet were presented, such as the research into a Digital Twin of the human and the smart tray.

On 13 October, 75 innovations were shown in the Musis Arnhem during INNOVATE that visitors can see and experience. 35 starting entrepreneurs also tested whether there is a market for their product or service. The aim was to show visitors what the region has to offer in terms of innovators, and what we can expect for tomorrow.

OnePlanet’s goal is to contribute to a healthier world for tomorrow. At INNOVATE, the digital platform of OnePlanet Research Center could be viewed, which people may have in their homes in the future. The platform contains data on physical and mental well-being, measured at home using sensors, among other things. This is to preventively detect diseases, or to support treatments of patients and thus relieve the burden on healthcare. Developing digital copies of humans helps in this, with a wide range of data about the body: the Digital Twin. The overarching project to achieve this is called INGE3, with Noldus IT and Ivido/Hinq as partners.

In addition, the smart tray, the digital nutrition coach and the lifestyle app for the elderly were presented, all part of the IntoEAT project. The aim of the project is to gain insight into eating behaviour and to be able to provide effective care, at lower costs. Connected Care and Salut are partners in this.

Finally, OnePlanet took the OpenPlanet platform with it. On this platform, data and algorithms must be shared securely and in a user-friendly way between interested parties. Partners in this project are IVID, JoinData, Orikami and SIDN.

The three projects are all funded by the European Union within the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Curious about these and other innovations? Click here for the website of INNOVATE Experience 2023.


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