Personalized nutirition

OnePlanet’s contribution to position paper on personalised nutrition

OnePlanet Research Center and 52 other stakeholders join Foodvalley NL to determine business definition and opportunities for personalised nutrition. 

Annelies Goris, PHD , Programme manager Precision health, nutrition and behavior at OnePlanet was the lead author of the chapter on “Data and IT infrastructure for personalised nutrition”  and co-wrote the section on the “science of personalized nutrition”. 

Find the full positioning paper here


Cross-posted | Further Press release by Food Valley NL.

Today Foodvalley NL, together with 53 stakeholders, from industry to academia and from start-ups to corporates release a position paper on personalised nutrition. This was prompted by Foodvalley interviews among more than a 100 stakeholders which showed that there was a dire need for an alignment on the definition, status and future opportunities of personalised nutrition.

Consumers in the driver’s seat

Besides a business definition, the position paper also gives insights in profitable business models, the joint ecosystem innovation, and gives clarity on the data and IT infrastructure, the minimally needed science and the legal framework. Personalised nutrition is a young and growing field. It is founded in biological science and now matured into a more holistic concept of ensuring that consumers can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their nutritional choices. In that respect, personalised nutrition is embedded in the whole food system, with all of its challenges related to health and sustainability.

Conclusions on the future of personalised nutrition

The bulk of personalised nutrition growth will be in the segment of dynamic digital platforms where the mass market consumers can find information and motivation that fits their personal goals. Niche market with specialised players interacting one-on-one with well-informed clients will stay to exist. To realise the forecasted future growth, joint and multidisciplinary innovation is needed. This requires structured and demand-driven investments, both from public and private sources. Also policy and legislation to support this growing field, as well as educating the personalised nutrition professionals of the future are crucial.

What is next?

Personalisation is the veritable gold standard for many specialised nutrition brands and for good reason. Foodvalley’s Food & Health innovation lead, Judith van der Horst will further develop and strengthen the personalised nutrition ecosystem. “We do so by building a personalised nutrition community and guide parties on direction, process, content and pace. We set the agenda, develop programs, challenges, support and connect parties in the personalised nutrition ecosystem.”

Foodvalley NL

Shaping the future of food together. Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been building and strengthening the ecosystem, an international network of organisations that have together initiated the transition to a sustainable food system. Foodvalley NL, based in the Netherlands, is the independent organisation that guides stakeholders through the transition, establishing direction, process, content and speed. It works closely with governments – international, national and regional – and renowned educational and research institutions.


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