Opening of our new laboratory facilities

Opening of our new laboratory facilities

It was with great pleasure and pride that we officially opened our new laboratory facilities on 18 January! Helga Witjes, deputy of the province of Gelderland, cut the virtual ribbon in an appropriate way wearing VR glasses. Our stakeholders and collaboration partners had come together for this festive moment.

In recent years, the OnePlanet Research Center rapidly grew in size and we have outgrown our original laboratory facilities. The new laboratory is multifunctional and equipped with everything needed to develop specialized sensors in the fields of health, agriculture, food and the environment. In our chemical, optical and electrical laboratories, the basic components for these sensors are developed.

A standout feature of our new facilities is the dedicated bathroom area where sensors for monitoring human health can be tested as part of the Bathroom4Health program. In addition, in the adjacent electronic and mechanical workshops, the sensors are seamlessly integrated into prototype sensor units for later field tests.

These beautiful laboratory facilities have been made possible in part by funding from the province of Gelderland and the growth fund from PhotonDelta. We look forward to using these new facilities to exploit even more innovative research opportunities.

MuchRoom’s lab-style snacks and drinks made the whole thing extra festive.


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