PODCAST: Can our food be climate neutral in 2040?

PODCAST: Can our food be climate neutral in 2040?

OnePlanet Research Center’s Liesbeth Luijendijk joins the “Building the future” podcast from Kadans Science Partners to discuss how technology can contribute to the transition.


Our food system is a very complex system that consists of a worldwide network with millions of suppliers, farmers, transporters and factories. This is an energy-consuming system that often has a major impact on the climate and nature. Is there a way to feed the world’s population in a way that does less damage to our planet and is even completely climate neutral?

Host Rudy van Beurden examines whether this ambition is realistic in a conversation with three leading experts in the field of food: Marjolein Brasz from Foodvalley, Liesbeth Luijendijk from OnePlanet Research Center and Jason Kiem from InsectoCycle.

How OnePlanet uses technology to enable a faster transition.

Liesbeth talks about how technology can and should be one of the enablers to speed up the transition. For example sensor solutions that can measure quality of proteins or sensors that can measure the footprint of production. Currently sensors are there, but they’re not fine grained enough and are too big and expensive for entrepreneurs. OnePlanet is focusing on miniaturising and developing sensor and digital solutions on an economically viable scale, together with industry partners.

The need for game changers and a physical eco system for change

The guests discuss the trend of young people, but also experienced professionals that want to direct their passion and skills towards sustainable change in the food system. OnePlanet Research Center sees this trend represented in the large number of people that express interest in working for the new research center. But it doesn’t stop there. Entrepreneurs with great ideas to contribute to a change in our food system are on the rise too. However, they are in need of the right support to invest and scale. OnePlanet sees a great need for a physical eco system, like the one OnePlanet is creating in Wageningen and Nijmegen, in order to team up and tackle challenges and harvest opportunities, together.


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