Travel directions to OnePlanet Research Center in Wageningen

Travel directions Plus Ultra II

OnePlanet Research Center Wageningen

Plus Ultra II at campus Wageningen University and Research
Bronland 10
6708 WH Wageningen

detal van de Campusplattegrond WUR Wageningen

Download a larger map of the campus grounds: Campusplattegrond_20220726.pdf

With public transport

From railway- and busstation station Ede-Wageningen bus RRReis 303, leaves every 20 minutes during working hours to the busstop Campus/Forum in Wageningen.

Plan your trip with OV9292

  • From the bus stop, walk 150 meters in the direction where you came from to Plus Ultra I and II.
  • Walk the path to the main entrance of PlusUltra II.
  • After you enter PlusUltra II through the front door, take the stairs behind the reception desk on the right to the first floor.
  • On the first floor, first turn right and then left.

By car

If you set the navigation to Wageningen Campus: follow the signs to P4.

If you set your navigation to Bronland 10, you will pass a large FrieslandCampina building on your left. The third building on your left is the Plus Ultra location. Behind it lies Plus Ultra II. You pass the Plus Ultra buildings, then turn left three times.

Parking garage

You stop at the barrier and look for OnePlanet on the selection screen. An employee of OnePlanet ensures that the barrier opens. If you don’t get an answer, choose reception. Charging stations for electric cars are available in the parking garage.

  • From the parking garage you enter Plus Ultra II through the back entrance.
  • Go up the stairs, before the reception on the left. Then right and left.

With a bike

Between the parking garage P4 and the back entrance is space to park your bicycle.


Call or text the person who invited you when you arrive at Plus Ultra II. It isn’t necessary to report to the reception.

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