Future of food & health

INNOVATE MEETUP – The future of food & health

By 2050 there are expected to be ten billion people on our planet. We need groundbreaking innovations to feed these people in a healthy and sustainable way. OnePlanet Research Center sees technology as an essential factor in arriving at solutions. 

In this online tv-show, the team of researchers and engineers from OnePlanet Research Center, show how they develop applicable technologies for precision healthcare and sustainable agriculture and nutrition.

Line up Guests include:

  • Chris van Hoof (general manager OnePlanet/imec) on the mission of One Planet Research Center
  • Sander Hermsen (behavioral researcher OnePlanet/imec) – Why technology as the answer?
  • Eva Wentink (OnePlanet/imec) on the innovation “Smart Bathroom”
  • Christiaan Orth on the innovation “Early fall detection for Parkinson’s patients”
  • Jan Willem de Wit (OnePlanet/imec) on the innovation “Potato sensing”
  • Burcu Zijlstra on the innovation ‘hypermodern greenhouses’ and professor of general practice
  • Pim Assendelft (hoogleraar Huisartsgeneeskunde en afdelingshoofd Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde in het Radboudumc) in discussion with other experts about questions such as: What can technology contribute to preventive healthcare? What good is this technology and science in corona time?
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