Digital intelligence

At the FoodValley Summits on the 13th of October 2020, OnePlanet Research Center hosted a Table talk on Digital Technology for Food & Health. Liesbeth Luijendijk, director AgroFood of OnePlanet Research Center, gave an insight in the next generation sensing technology, wearables and digital intelligence that OnePlanet is working on.

Together with opinion leaders from food industry, retail, tech industry and academia it was concluded that digital technology can help people to make the healthy food choice, the easy food choice. It is important that digital technology works in a, for consumers safe, secure and trusted way. Solutions need to be inclusive and connect to peoples’ habits and lifestyles.

  • Moderator during this table talk was:
    Guido Camps (Senior Researcher, OnePlanet Research Center & Wageningen University & Research)

Table guests:

  • Tamar Sharon (Associate Professor in Philosophy of Technology and co-director of the Interdisciplinary Hub for Security, Privacy and Data Governance (iHub) at Radboud University),
  • Liesbeth Luijendijk (Director Agri Food OnePlanet Research Center for Wageningen University & Research),
  • Hans van Trijp (Full Professor and Chair of the Marketing and Consumer Behavior Group within the Section of Business Sciences of Wageningen University and Research.),
  • Amelia Jarman (Head of the Health and Wellness Science and Technology team at Unilever),
  • Jettie Hoonhout (Senior Scientist at Philips Research) and
  • Robert Jan Koens (Manager Foodcoach at Jumbo Supermarkets)

Protein shift

During the summit, OnePlanet Research Center also participated in a Table talk on protein shift, to discuss solutions to accelerate the availability and acceptation of plant-based variations on dairy. Sander Hermsen, Principal Behaviour Scientist at  OnePlanet Research Center, brought up challenges in  acceptation and adaptation; such as the limitations of over-informing as a persuasion technique and the tendency of targeting high status groups whom might be easier to reach, but are not the group who needs the intervention and change of lifestyle the most.

How can we involve low-status groups and how can help consumers to actually deal with the transition, against the tide of eating as a social practice?

Cognitive decline in ageing

Esther Aarts, Assistant Principal Investigator at Donders Centre of Cognitive Neuro Imaging at Radboud University and thematic leader at OnePlanet Research Center gave a “Food & Health Insights Pitch” about cognitive decline. 

Through the Food & Cognition project, as well as the MOCIA project, Esther works with academic, industry and SME partners on identifying increased risk of cognitive decline and improving prevention by developing personalised lifestyle interventions with the help of innovative approaches and (digital) technologies. OnePlanet Research Center is a partner in both projects and works with Esther on measuring/identifying cognitive decline through smart sensors like wearables and personalised approaches for behaviour change through technology.