Lex Oosterveld, Principal Member of Technical Staff

Lex Oosterveld, PhD

Lex Oosterveld is a principal scientist food processing at OnePlanet Research Center.

In this role Lex focusses on the translation of chip and digital technologies to practical solutions for the food industry. Lex was trained as a food technologist at Wageningen University. He holds a PhD in food chemistry from Wageningen University and was active in the past as project manager in research and development at Sara Lee Douwe Egberts and NIZO food research.

mobile number: +31 (0)6 11100376


Jacob Beeuwkes is Product Manager Data Platform at OnePlanet Research Center

“Make an impact on the lives of people with accessible sensor-related data”

We aim to bring data providers and data consumers together on our data platform. In this way we are building the ecosystem for sensor-related data & algorithm sharing and algorithm development in environment, agrifood, health & nutrition. Together with our partners we contribute to a sustainable and healthy future.

Thomas van Uden is Business Development Manager voor het MKB (midden- en kleinbedrijf).

T + 31 6 43 44 90 96

Renske Landeweert is Program manager for Agriculture & Food at OnePlanet Research Center

Karien Vermeulen is Program Manager voor het OpenEducation project.

Remco Sauer is Program Manager, Environmental Monitoring Program, for OnePlanet Research Center and Wageningen University & Research

What if.. your health can be monitored without you even noticing?

If health can be monitored non-obtrusively, and without people noticing, but still provide feedback and the necessary parameters it could improve compliance, rack peoples health over time and allow earlier interventions.

Marcel Zevenbergen obtained his MSc from Delft University of Technology in 2005 and a PhD from the same university in 2009. Afterwards, he joined imec the Netherlands where he developed novel sensor platforms for various applications, in close collaboration with industrial partners. Current position is program manager both at imec and OnePlanet leading the advanced sensor development for applications ranging from precision agriculture, water quality and bioreactor monitoring.

Annelies Goris is Program Director Health & Nutrition