Chris van Hoof, General Manager
Chris van Hoof OnePlanet

Chris van Hoof

General Manager OnePlanet Research Center, vice-president imec, OnePlanet Research Center - imec

Chris van Hoof is the general manager of OnePlanet Research Center. Together with Thea van Kemenade(RU/umc) and Liesbeth Luijendijk(WUR) he forms the management team of OnePlanet.

Chris is responsible for the R&D direction and business strategy of R&D teams across 4 imec locations (Wageningen (The Netherlands), Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Leuven (Belgium) and Gent (Belgium)). Track record of 20+ years of initiating, executing and leading national and international contract R&D with worldwide customers.

“I believe preventive health, personalised nutrition, sustainable food production and reduced waste are essential enablers of improving our world for the generations to come. And I think technology (hardware and AI) are key tools to make that happen.”