Smart Food Factory

Workshop: Why do(n’t) we need a smart food factory?



OnePlanet Research Center, Wageningen University & Research and FME are organizing an online workshop with the business community to set a longterm goal aimed at the “factory of the future” and to map out the necessary steps. Sign up here



Why do(n’t) we need a smart food factory?

The food factory is digitalizing and getting smarter. Everything is interconnected to guarantee transparency, safety, health and sustainability of our food system. Robots take over repetitive (production) tasks. Analysis, data and information collection and quality control become routine tasks performed by smart sensors and ICT. The role of humans in a smart factory is changing and is shifting towards areas where the human brain can really make a difference. Moreover, the factory and the machinery will become an integral part of the entire food chain, from farmer to consumer.

This reality creates new possibilities and issues. What does it take to realize the smart food factory of the future?


OnePlanet, WUR and FME are joining forces to work with the business community to set a long-term goal aimed at the factory of the future and to map out the necessary steps. With the aim to create new sustainable business.

First roundtable meeting

As part of this process, the first online workshop will be organized on Thursday November 19th, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (CET) for food producers, technology developers and service providers already active in digitalization.

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