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Ponte Vecchio inspired new OnePlanet offices at Wageningen Campus being realized

“How do you bring two outermost situations together in one location? By using the metaphor of the Ponte Vecchio!”

At the Wageningen Campus people are currently working hard to create new office space for OnePlanet Research Center. At the beginning of the summer, the brand new Plus Ultra II building was completed, where OnePlanet will occupy a part of the first floor. The goal is to move into the brand new offices at the beginning of September. Proof of the Sum is the main architect of the building, Proof of the Sum and Statt took care of our interior design. The design of the offices is based on the metaphor of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Ponte Vecchio Florence

Credits: Ali Nuredini –

Two outermost situations

Every day, OnePlanet Research Center works hard on new innovations in nanoelectronics and digital technology that contribute to a healthy and sustainable planet. Before projects are put on display, often months, sometimes even years, are spent behind the scenes working on them. Certain studies are carried out with the greatest confidence in collaboration with key partners. Innovations of this kind cannot yet be shown to the outside world. Other innovations need to be shown to the maximum in order to increase public awareness. How do you bring these two outermost situations together in one location? By using the metaphor of the Ponte Vecchio!

Ponte Vecchio architectural concept

Ponte Vecchio is the famous bridge in Florence. Lots of jewelry shops are located next to each other at the bridge, where every day of the year crowds of people marvel at the most beautiful creations in the shop windows. On the other side, the water side, the jewelers have their workshops, where they experiment and work on solutions and custom-made work in privacy and peace. On top of the Ponte Vecchio there is a secret passage called “Corridoio Vasariano”. Through this road the Medici, among others, could move undisturbed between the different Palazzos in the city.

Credits: Proof of the Sum

Interior offices OnePlanet Research Center

The layout of the Ponte Vecchio is reflected in the layout of the OnePlanet Research Center offices. On the public side, a glass window is being developed that provides space for the interactive OnePlanet experience centre. Here projects are presented that show the possibilities of chip and digital technology and contribute to increasing awareness. The ‘workshops’ are located directly behind the experience center. This is the place where our employees work undisturbed on the latest technologies and researches. These ‘workshops’ are connected by means of a corridor on the outside of the floor. Our own ‘Corridoio Vasariano’, which connects all the offices.

A little more patience

Together we will have to be patient for a little while before we can actually move into the new OnePlanet offices. The planning is that the first offices will be ready for use at the beginning of September and that the first part of the OnePlanet experience centre will be completed at the end of 2020. A nice perspective, but also one with a side note. Working from home remains the norm for the time being. That is why actual occupation will probably take a little longer. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our new location in the future.
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